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Life Organic becomes goodfood2u

In 2013, Life Organic, one of Ottawa’s early organic home delivery services transferred ownership to us, Jennifer Williams and Yannick Carriere.   As long-time customers and fans of Life Organic, we valued its service greatly and wanted to ensure its continuity.  In 2014 we changed the name from Life Organic to goodfood2u to symbolize what we do: we deliver good food to your door, and we make it easy by enabling you to get your groceries online or on your mobile.  So it’s like a twitter handle – quick and easy, which is how shopping should be!

Why organic, local, sustainable food?

We have both lived and worked on farms, in Canada and overseas, and we understand how vital farming is. We know that our purchasing decisions have an impact and we want to ensure healthy and sustainable food production for future generations. Prior to taking on Life Organic in 2013, Jennifer had spent over 10-years at La Siembra Co-operative, the creators of Camino Fair trade and organic chocolate, coffee and baking products. 10 years of developing fair trade farming relationships with southern producers was incredibly meaningful, however with a young family it was time to take the passion for sustainable livelihoods for farmers closer to home. So when the founder of Life Organic decided to move on, we took the leap to work in promoting local and organic products.

Shopping and cooking for a busy home

We love to cook, and we spend an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen! We know from experience that when there is healthy food in the fridge and pantry, we all eat better.

As parents of 4 young children we are acutely aware of how time limits our ability to shop for sustainable and healthy food options.   We also know how picky kids can be!  That’s why we were customers of Life Organic from its early days. We are excited to offer a wide range of products online that you can customize to suit your household.

Our mission:  to simplify your life by bringing good food to your door, giving you more time for the activities you love with the people you love.

Guiding principles for product selection 

Our goal is to provide the best quality products that will delight you when you open your box.

In addition to ensuring quality this is how we select our product offering:

1.    Local – We source food that is local and organic, directly from the farm.  When local farms are covered in snow, we order as close to home as possible.

2.    Fair Trade – When not available locally, like in the case of bananas, we will offer Fair Trade whenever possible.  For bananas, chocolate, coffee, etc., you can be sure we are using local Canadian and Certified Fair Trade suppliers.

3.    No GMOs – We do not and will not offer any products that contain GMOs.

4.     Real Food –  When we find interesting products that are not certified organic but are local, small-scale production and natural, we will offer them.

Our guarantee:

We want you to be completely delighted with your delivery.  If you receive a product that is not to your satisfaction, we will credit it or replace it free of charge for your following order.