Integrating our Values, One Step Further

Our vision for goodfood2u from day 1 was to build and sustain a vibrant local food economy. We feel strongly that local, organic agricultural protects the health of soil, water and air. We also know it supports local farm families and local businesses. For this reason, we sell organic produce and household staples, it is also for … Continue reading Integrating our Values, One Step Further

Hydroponics, Local Lettuce and the Organic Debate

Hydroponics refers to the growing of plants in water and providing a customized nutrient solution to provide the plants with the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. Currently under the Canadian Organic Standard any system of hydroponic growing, regardless of the fact that all organic practices may be followed, is not permitted to be … Continue reading Hydroponics, Local Lettuce and the Organic Debate

Spring Social – Connecting again

For me after an Ottawa winter I am always start to feel a bit like a bear in hibernation. I don’t see my neighbours or my community as often as I do in the spring, summer and fall. We wanted to help shake off the winter sense of disconnection by hosting an event to connect … Continue reading Spring Social – Connecting again

The Tale of Two Spinaches

Since I was a child, and before kale tried to take its place, spinach was known as the super green vegetable, eaten by Popeye, admired by moms, and hated by kids! Thirty years ago, fresh spinach was not often found in my house. It would only seldom show up in a cardboard box, frozen and … Continue reading The Tale of Two Spinaches

Corporate Social Responsibility

Kind of a buzz word, right. The world’s largest multi-million dollar, publically traded companies, are doing it. And that’s good news because we need individuals and companies to collectively care for our shared commons and the future. At goodfood2u we see CSR as doing what’s right. We are a small company, so our impacts seems … Continue reading Corporate Social Responsibility

Spring Cleaning!

With spring in the air my I am excited for local salad greens, fiddle heads and asparagus, for a change from the root vegetables that are feeling to heavy and repetitive at this time of year! As we shift to spring, it’s a great time to clean out the old and make room for the … Continue reading Spring Cleaning!

Supporting Local Food Economies

Contributed by Caroline Levesque – Covenant Farm Winter is thawing and spring is radiating forth. At the farm we are planning gardens, planting seeds, and starting to draw people’s attention toward a new season of fresh local produce. Although many farms are planning for the upcoming season, our farm does not follow the conventional logic … Continue reading Supporting Local Food Economies

5-10 Fruits and Vegetables A Day

My father was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer, The prognosis given by the medical team is not a positive one. Since the diagnosis, my sister, who works in a Natural Health food store and who cured herself from Rheumatoid Arthritis in her early 20’s through diet, has been on a mission to get … Continue reading 5-10 Fruits and Vegetables A Day

This Kitchen Table

Our kitchen table is scratched, painted on, dented, stained and the most highly used piece of furniture in our house. Every time someone new comes to our house, they inevitably comment on our table. Usually they say they like it. I always wonder, do they really like it, or do they find it unusual how … Continue reading This Kitchen Table

Be is resolved… healthy celebrations.

In December when it’s so dark and cold, I am grateful for the holidays, for people coming together, for celebrating. 
And of course when family and friends get together, we eat. Fortunately many of us in Canada, have the blessing of having enough food to share, and inevitably at most gatherings I was at this … Continue reading Be is resolved… healthy celebrations.